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City of Refuge in Hawaii

History paints this sacred spot near Kona, Hawaii as a safe zone for taboo perpetrators. When someone would commit a crime such as murder, they would flee to this spot hoping to make it over the walls you see here into the "safe zone" before the family or loved ones of your victim found you to serve their own justice.

Once you made it here, your were safe, your sins were forgiven, and you were free once again, untouchable by the revenge of your victim's family with a clear couscous and clean soul.  

Getting to this area of refuge was no easy task and only accessible by water to those seeking its forgiveness. Once over the wall, the white sand meets the black volcano rocks that protrude into the crystal clear blue and green water where you can watch sea turtles.

The ocean breeze that gently blows into this bay making the oddly shaped palm trees come alive, provides a serenity for the soul shows how one could come here as a criminal and leave this paradise with a pure heart. 

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